24. - 26. 5. 2024



Proposition of the GRIZZLYMAN HALF category

Race date: 24. – 25. 5. 2024

The price of the entry fee: 2499 CZK
The price of the entry fee from 24/03/2024: 2999 CZK

Measurements: GPS trackers, in the race it is mandatory to have a watch with gps navigation!!!

Water rescue service provided, the race is governed by the rules of the Czech Triathlon Association.


BASIC WoodArena Ostravice (free of charge)
The Woodarena has hot showers, toilets, a service bike rack and a bar where you can have coffee, tea, Kofola and refreshments, dinner will be pasta with meat and vegetables. And there will also be something for vegetarians.

ROOM Accommodation in hotel Freud Ostravice. In case of interest, it is necessary to contact the hotel Freud directly and arrange accommodation individually. Accommodation conditions and food options are subject to the hotel’s offer. Contact the reception +420 558 682 226, e-mail:,

START GRIZZLYMAN HALF: Saturday 25. 5. 2024 Olešná shipyard (Yacht Club) 06:00 AM
The bus to the start at Olesna leaves at 5:01 from Woodarena as well as the truck with the bikes.
The trip to the dam to the Yacht Club boathouse takes about 20-25min.


You will be introduced to the route markings at the debate. WE RECOMMEND RACE PARTICIPANT SUPPORT!

1,9 km long circuit with water exit every 950m

91,5 km challenging route for road bikes with an elevation gain of +1350 m. 

21 km long mountain run with an elevation gain of +780 m.


  • The race takes place in full road traffic! It is absolutely necessary to know the rules and observe maximum road safety! § Section 361/2000 sb Road Traffic Act
  • A competitor on the track during the race has no extra advantages or concessions in road traffic.
  • All obstacles and road traffic are part of the race.
  • The organizer does not guarantee a smooth passage anywhere on the track.
  • Support has no authority to stop cars.
  • Running traffic lights and railroad crossings on red, with signals running or barriers down is an immediate disqualification.
  • Support cars can only be parked with all four wheels off the road behind the white sideline!
  • A parking violation is a 5 minute penalty, repeated violation is disqualification!
  • The bike course has 2 NO SUPPORT ZONES – no parking, no support and no stopping and NO SUPPORT CARS ZONE, no entry – impassable road!!
    1. No Support cars zone Ráztoka – Pustevny
    2. NO SUPPORT CARS ZONE Papežov – Lysá hora
  • Parking violation is a penalty of 5 minutes, repeated violation is disqualification!
  • Minimum distance for drafting is 15 meters.
  • In the running section, the competitor may be accompanied by a bike or runner.
  • The escort can never be in front of the competitor.
  • The bike escort must observe maximum road safety! § 361/2000 sb Road Traffic Act
  • Only official support may serve refreshments and any service
  • Detailed information and maps for the 2023 edition will be provided in the race manual before the race.